We believe there is hope. We hope and so we believe the Essential Phone can still sell despite not selling a lot in 2017. IDC reported only 80,000 Essential PH-1 units were sold. We expected more from this one but it started wrong. It was delayed for almost a month and when it did arrive, it was exclusive to one mobile carrier only. The industry was taken aback when Andy Rubin suddenly left the company and then there are some lags and the challenging repairability. To make things worse, some customer information was sent out to others.

We’ve been saying the Essential Phone can still sell as the Essential Camera is getting important updates and there’s the new Ocean Depths color which appearance is apparently just the first. Essential has recently introduced two more colors: Copper Black and Stellar Gray. So now, there are five colors in total: Black Moon, Pure White, Ocean Depths, Stellar Gray, and Copper Black.

The last three offers are limited edition colors so we suggest you get an Essential Phone quick. That is, if you are still willing to pay $599 against the $499 regular price. The phones will be available on Essential.com.

Ocean Depths is now up for sale while the Stellar Gray will be ready by February 20, Tuesday. The Copper Black version will be out two days later on February 22, Thursday. These new colors appear to be playful and stylish at the same time. The Ocean Depths is great for those who want to make a statement while the Stellar Gray is for the minimalist. The Copper Black looks premium and classy.

Let’s see how the market will receive these new Essential Phone colors. What color are you getting?

SOURCE: Essential