You may wonder why this is happening but those who’ve been wanting to get an Essential Phone will welcome this good news. If you are adamant because of the high price, you may probably decide now to get the new smartphone with its lower price. From $699, the device gets a $200 discount down to $499. The new price is already for the Black Moon or Pure White color variant.

There is no mention if the offer is for a limited time but we recommend you grab this one. The discount is significant and for a debut device, it is unusual and risky for the Essential Products team. The phone bearing an industrial design boasts of a color-tuned display and a camera that has potential to become one of the best in the market today. Initially, the camera was a disappointment for a premium model but software updates made it better in terms of reliability and speed.

We don’t want to think this discount is being given because target sales are not being met but we’re hoping it’s really just a nice treat for the customers. If you’ve already purchased one, you will receive a credit worth $200 which you can use for a discount on a new phone or accessory. You can only use the credit until December 15, 2017. Sign up on and wait for further instructions to be e-mailed.

This special promo is being offered in the United States only for now. No details yet for Canada but expect a related announcement soon.

VIA: TechCrunch

SOURCE: Essential