Essential Phone Event

The Essential Phone is here. Well, almost. We know the new phone is there somewhere but we have yet to see the real thing and get our hands on one. We’re interested in any update about this device because it’s Andy Rubin’s next big project since leaving Google. We were told release would be revealed this week and now we’ve got a glimpse of at least the invite to the “First Look Event” happening in Los Angeles next Friday, August 25. Finally, we have a date to look forward to and it’s not really far from today.

We’re not certain who else are invited but we’re guessing those who placed their pre-orders, at least, those living in LA and can possibly make it to the venue. The RSVP link has been provided and you only need to press a button to confirm attendance or otherwise.

We’re also assuming that during the August 25 event, Essential Products will announce the exact date the Essential Phone will begin shipping. We have high hopes for this particular phone mainly because of the name Andy Rubin. The company may have already missed the deadline but it’s not surprising for any tech company especially if you’re new but Rubin is THE Father of Android. We’ll see next week if it’s fully ready and maybe hear an explanation why there was a delay.