Now that we know the Essential Phone will have a follow-up model with a better camera, the company is giving another round of discount through Amazon. It was only three weeks ago when prices on Amazon and Best Buy went down from $499 to $449.99 for a limited time. Price cuts usually mean a new phone is coming or the device isn’t selling. In this case, we’re more inclined to believe that it’s not that popular but then again, a new model will also be introduced in a few months.

We just sighted the deal on the top e-commerce site and we’re not complaining. We know that those people who’ve been wanting to try the Essential PH-1 but are adamant because of the price may bite this offer. The deal is already for the 128GB Unlocked Titanium and Ceramic phone model. The new price is $399.99 which is another $100 discount.

If you get the Essential Phone, you can update it to Android 8.1 Oreo with April security patches since the new build rolled out last month. Note that the price is only for the Black Moon version. The Halo Gray Essential Phone still costs $499.99 on Amazon. We checked the Pure White model and it’s also $399.99.

SOURCE: Amazon