Three weeks ago, we learned Android 8.1 Oreo update would start rolling out for the Essential PH-1. Over the weekend, it did happen. The Essential team released the new Oreo 8.1 build (141) for the Essential Phone. This already includes a number of new features, updates, stability fixes, Bluetooth 5.0 certification, and the latest Google Security Patches for April 2018. The update now allows proper handling of external game controllers. It is highly recommended that you get the update via WiFi. You can still download over roaming or cellular network but charges may apply.

Once your Essential Phone is upgraded to Android 8.1.0 Build OPM1.180104.141, expect more powerful device performance, longer battery life, better security, and improved multi-tasking. The picture-in-picture mode allows you to run and show two apps at the same time on the screen. With this, you are free to check your social media networks or answer emails while watching a video on YouTube.

If you may remember, the Essential Phone was ready to receive Android 8.1 Beta version in February. After several weeks of testing, it’s now available for all Essential PH-1 owners.

Note that this OS update follows the last one which was a simple and quick update of the camera app that added the 360-degree ‘Tiny Planet’ feature.

The latest update also lets those fullscreen games and apps to use the whole display screen. This includes the notch area. An ‘Essential notch settings’ has been added so you can customize the notch in general and how it shows per-app.

VIA: Android Police

SOURCE: Essential