Some manufacturers pride themselves with the technology in their smartphones and maybe how gorgeous their devices are, but very few can say that they update their devices’ software on a monthly basis. The Essential Phone might not be a winner in terms of sales and the number of people using it, but they can really say that they update the software to their phones with regularity. The update that contains Android’s February Security Bulletin just rolled out today.

The Essential Phone is not the most popular phone there is, even if it is gorgeous and Andy Rubin did design the thing. Not a lot of people own it, even if the phone has already had some drastic price cuts to encourage more people to buy it. But one thing Essential can be proud of is how the software development team for the Essential Phone has always been first or thereabouts in rolling out monthly updates – especially ones that contain Google’s monthly security patches.

February 2018 is no different – we see Essential rolling out the NMK24B update just a few days after Google announced the February security bulletin. That’s some quick work right there by Essential’s software team, and something that is worth mentioning.

The plus side to maybe having a small user base is that the update does not need to roll out in waves like most manufacturers do. Essential can basically put out an update and be assured that all of its users will get the update notification within the day.

SOURCE: @Essential