After all the flak that the developers of ES File Explorer when it began including adware in its main app, it’s about time that they listened to the music. We’ve got word that the most recent update of the once popular file management app has removed the charging ads. We’ve noticed the charging lockscreen is gone as well.

The main issue we have about ES File Explorer carrying adware (and the bloatware before it) was that it was such a great app before these things happened. The app was one of the most downloaded file managers in the Google Play Store, mostly attributing to the fact that it was a free download and the app was quite good at what it did. So when the bloatware and adware came, obviously a strategy for the developers to earn more money, the users were up in arms.

The reaction to the bloatware was widespread and the users were angry, angry enough to start listing down apps which had the same adware system. The reaction must have gotten to the developers, maybe through the number of uninstalls they got in the time period that they implemented the strategy. It’s good that they finally saw the light.

Some people in Reddit even found a novel solution, an APK installer of the old ES File Explorer app, back when there was no bloatware. You can download it via this link. The app name and code has been changed so that it doesn’t request an update from the Play Store. If you don’t want the bloatware-infused-but-no-adware version of ES File Explorer (available via the download link below), then the alternative would be a good choice.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store