We recently lamented the demise of one of our favorite file management apps, which is ES File Explorer, which out of nowhere just began installing adware and bloatware within the main app. It seems that this is not a one-time incident – a lot more apps have been including the same lockscreen/adware combo in their main app. This Reddit thread might help you stay away from these apps.

Reddit user Sphincone has had enough of these apps that install the adware/lockscreen combination – much like ES File Explorer. So the Redditor created a spreadsheet in which he prompted and encouraged everyone to contribute to the data, naming the apps that have adware on them.

Some people have already began contributing to the list, and there is – as of the moment – a list of 25 apps, most of them put there because they installed the unwanted adware/lockscreen combination. Some big names in the list is the aforementioned ES File Explorer, ES App Locker, the TouchPal suite which includes all apps they made, Battery Doctor, and InstaMag among others.

If you know of an app that installs not only the unwanted adware/lockscreen, but unwanted ads in general, you can click on the source link below to request access to the sheet and add the app you know of. Of course, it helps if you can confirm these with screenshots.

SOURCE: Reddit