endomondo android app

Endomondo has been tracking people fitness and health data since 2007 and it still continues to bring a better experience to the users every time the app is updated. The latest update has finally brought Pebble support to Android as we mentioned last July. A few months ago too, Endomondo added support for the Samsung Gear Fit and Gear 2 and that seemed to be a success that the company also added support for Android Wear and the Samsung Gear S.

The Endomondo Sports Tracker app now works with the Pebble wearable device. This means the user can now start, pause, or stop a workout from the Pebble watch while working out. As with any fitness trackers or smartwatches, the Pebble with Endomondo can show different data metrics like workout duration, distance traveled, and heart rate. The Endomondo app now also allows tactile feedback made possible by vibration for each kilometer or mile traveled. The app can also display performance summary for the user’s reference.

The Endomondo app must be downloaded to the Android phone and another version of the Endomondo Pebble app to the wearable device from the Pebble store. For the competitive health buffs, you can also use the new ‘Challenge Your Friends’ feature. You can start a challenge and invite family and friends to “work out” with you and compare numbers. This way, more people are motivated to reach their goals. You know, working out and getting fit can be easier when it’s a shared experience.

Endomondo aims to bring a more connected experience across multiple wearable platforms and devices as the company’s CEO, Mette Lykke, once explained. She said, “Endomondo’s aim is to utilize new technologies to support our core belief that social interaction and support are key motivators when it comes to people getting and staying fit.”

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SOURCE: Endomondo