Fitness enthusiasts have helped make wearables the gadget du jour this year. With the proliferation of fitness apps in the market, one consideration for consumers is how the app can be used in connection with their gadgets and smartphones. One popular app for the physically active crowd is Endomondo, and the latest update now includes support for Samsung Gear Fit and the Gear 2, as well as compatibility with 17 of Samsung’s Android smartphones.

When you’re doing your workout or running 5km and you want to stop and rest for a while, you can pause, stop or restart the Endomondo app without even having to bring out your phone due to this new connectivity feature. So all you need to do to control it is to use your fitness band or your smartwatch. You can also use the Gear 2 to display how much distance you’ve already covered or how many calories you’ve already burned. You can even view the app’s built-in heart rate monitor through the smartwatch. You can also choose to set the display to the lightness or darkness that you prefer, depending on where you’re running or exercising.

Samsung believes that working together with Endomondo is essential as it is “one of the most popular fitness networks” and Gear users can now enjoy the features that the app has to offer. Meanwhile, Mette Lykke, the CEO and founder of Endomondo says that it is but logical to sync with the Samsung devices as part of their goal to be the fitness app of choice for the wearable market.

You can make Endmondo your digital personal trainor, even if you don’t have either the Samsung Gear Fit or Gear 2. You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Endomondo