HTC impressed the mobile industry with the Edge Sense feature on the latest HTC U11. It may already have a copycat in the works as Google is rumored to include something similar to the upcoming Pixel 2. More Edge Sense functions are about to be introduced but while waiting for those official add-ons, we’ll settle for these ones created by genius devs who’ve been tinkering on the HTC Edge Sense.

With this Edge Sense Plus app installed on your HTC U11, you can soon take advantage of a double squeeze gesture among the numerous and different actions added. Depending on the position of your phone, you can also execute different functions or apps. It will respond to whether the device is upright or if flat.

You can also set custom sounds whenever you squeeze the phone so it can be a little fun. Listed below are actions you can set:

• Auto rotation
• Auto brightness
• Back Key Action
• Bluetooth
• Custom Apps
• Custom shortcuts e.g. direct calls, messages or email
• GPS (root)
• Home Key Action
• Keep Device Awake
• Lock Screen
• NFC (root)
• Next Music Track
• Notifications
• Play and Pause Music
• Power Saver (root)
• Previous Music Track
• Previous app
• Recent Apps
• Sidebar with three different panels: Applications, Quick Settings, Recent Apps
• Split screen
• Sync all accounts
• Toggle auto sync
• Vibration Mode
• WiFi

Some actions will need root: GPS, NFC, Power Saver. Note that you cannot use the Edge Sense Plus while the smartphone is locked.

Download Edge Sense Plus from the Google Play Store