Alexa Live Translation feature

Live or real-time translation may soon be a standard feature in mobile devices, gadgets, and most platforms. Some productivity apps are getting such a feature like Gboard with real-time transcription and translation. Google Maps has the built-in text-to-speech translation. Google is also bringing real-time translation for Google Translate. As for Alexa, it’s getting smarter with the Live Translation feature coming to Echo with six language pairs. With this feature, you can start having conversations in two languages as Alexa works as the translator.

Echo devices in the United States are getting the feature first. As to what languages, there will be six language pairs available at launch. One pair example is English to Spanish.

Some smartphones already have similar live translation functions but having actually conversations via the Echo sounds fun and real. It is one useful tool. Thanks to machine intelligence for making things possible, as well as, Amazon Translate, Alexa’s text-to-speech technology, and Amazon’s ARS system.

Make sure first the Echo device is set to English US. These are the languages that can be translated in real-time: English and Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Hindi, French, and German. There is no information yet if the real-time translation will be available in other key markets outside the United States and if more languages will be added to the list.

Amazon regularly updates the Alexa system. Just recently, Alexa’s Care Hub made remote caregiving easier for loved ones. Alexa also got smarter with natural turn-taking feature. The all-new Auto Mode add Start My Commute were also introduced. New communication, safety, and entertainment features were announced a few months ago.