Motorola introduced a feature called DROID Zap when they unveiled the trio of new DROID handsets back in July. Those handsets included the DROID Ultra, Maxx and Mini and the Zap feature meant users of any of those three devices would be able to quickly and easily share images with other Zap users. The problem with this, the support for Zap was rather limited.

Well, in a recently released update, Motorola has added support for quite a few additional handsets. The DROID Zap app is currently sitting in the Google Play Store. This update has brought the app to version 1.1.07, but perhaps more important here is the added support — for all DROID devices running Ice Cream Sandwich or later.

With that in mind, users that already had the app can simply perform an update. All others can head to the Play Store and download it for the first time. Now that more users will have access, how about we get into how this works. Motorola has DROID Zap setup using the GPS and WiFi on your phone.

Those connections are used to identify your location and sending an image using Zap is done with a gesture — swiping up on the image. Motorola also allows Zap images to be sent publicly or privately (using a pin-protection). Anyway, those sporting a newly-compatible device can grab the latest version of DROID Zap from the Google Play Store.