We have seen a handful of dates in regards to the HTC DROID DNA update. Not to mention, some reports stating Android 4.3, and some stating Android 4.2.2. Both however, came with mention of Sense 5. Well, it looks like we have those answers and it looks like the update is going to begin today. First things first though, DROID DNA users will be getting Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5.

The changelog has been posted by Verizon and the timeline has been shared by HTC’s Executive Director, Product Management. The details were shared on his @moversi Twitter account and came as follows;

“DNA Owners! We have received technical approval from Verizon on OS 4.2.2 + Sense 5!! Thank you for your patience, the OTA will go out soon!!”

That was then followed with word the update “should” start today. We will see if Verizon is able to keep the schedule, but in the meantime, there is the changelog. Along with 4.2.2 and Sense 5, this update will have your handset going to software version 3.06.605.4 with baseband

Perhaps more important than a few changes in numbers though, this is actually a rather big update. To that point, it is one that will be noticeable right from when your handset first reboots. DROID DNA users will be seeing an updated People app, Calendar app, Dialer app and Gallery app. This update will also add Video Highlights and BlinkFeed as well.


Along with these changes, there are nearly twenty items listed in terms of issues that will be resolved. That full list can be seen above. Otherwise, it doesn’t appear HTC and Verizon are done with the DROID DNA either. Further comments from the @moversi account mention that 4.4 (with the latest Sense update) are on track for Q1 2014.

VIA: Droid-Life


  1. 4.2? The HTC One already has 4.3, and the EVO LTE is getting 4.3 as well! I’ll give HTC the benefit of the doubt, because they’ve probably been working on the update since last year, but it’s taken this long for VZW to get the update out.


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