I mentioned about a week ago that word had surfaced that the Droid Bionic that had turned up at CES had been delayed. At the time, the only details we had to go on were that the Bionic was delayed for unspecified updates. At the time, Motorola gave us no indication of exactly what those modifications would be. Interestingly a new page has turned up on the Motorola website carrying the same CES reveal date, but the page is tweaked and shows what will be coming for the device when it lands.

According to the page includes a paragraph that spells out some of the changes that Motorola is making to the device based on customer feedback. The photo attached here is the original Droid Bionic. This as close as you will ever get to owning the Bionic in that form factor. Verizon Wireless will still be getting the smartphone, but it will be a “new” Droid Bionic. Gottabemobile notes that the device is still expected to be a 4G LTE offering. However, the geeks at Gottabemobile think the Bionic may take the form factor of the leaked Targa.

The passage on the Motorola page reads, “Based on compelling feedback since the show, we are incorporating several enhancements to make this an even better consumer experience. This includes expanded features, functionality and an improved form factor. Motorola Mobility and Verizon Wireless are very excited about bringing the ‘new’ DROID BIONIC to market.” The exact changes that to be made to the device are not clearly spelled out, but it is apparent that the device will have a different form factor.

[via Gottabemobile]


  1. Wow…. nothing like reading “headliner news” that was already made public last week when motorola made that announcement….

  2. Never considered Bionic because it looked cheap, plastic, with plastic bevel. Targa looks nice, if they match that sexiness with all the power the Bionic is supposed to boast I would consider it. But what’s with the ridiculous bulge for the camera on the Targa, looks bad not sleek.

  3. This is potentially good news to me. I have a droid X and the camera bulge in the top back is ideal. The unit does not slip in the hand and it is stable on a flat surface with a slight down slope (perfect for one handed use). The droid x has the best form factor I have encountered. If the Bionic will be similar that is fantastic. However if the lens protrudes in a manner that makes the unit unstable on a flat surface, I simply will not buy it.

    • The X format is extremely useful. To that I’d say keep the red camera shutter button and wrist strap loop at the corner. Both add much to ease of use!


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