Motorola’s Droid Bionic smartphone has been delayed long enough for Motorola to make some changes to the device according to the WSJ. The Bionic was originally set to hit the store shelves in Q2 of 2011 but that date has now been pushed. An exact launch date is unknown, but it is pegged for this summer.

Verizon Wireless will be the carrier of the smartphone. A Motorola spokeswoman said, “Based on compelling feedback since [Consumer Electronics Show in January], we are incorporating several enhancements to make this an even better consumer experience.” The smartphone is going to operate on the 4G network from Verizon Wireless.

Speculation was that the Bionic had been scrapped in favor of a different Motorola device. The device first surfaced at CES 2011. Exactly what changes are being made to the smartphone are unknown.

[via WSJ]


  1. they better put 1gig of ram instead of 512meg, if your going to call yourself bionic then at least be bionic and I want an awesome webtop with that. I’M WAITING!!!

    • My Droid’s been cracked since last October. Been waiting on the Bionic to do so, now looks like the wait will be longer. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

  2. That’s one of the better designed phones as far as the front face goes–why more companies don’t maximize the screen and minimize the plastic on the front is beyond me.

  3. Bummer… have been looking forward to getting this phone since Jan., the wait just got longer. Seen what happened with the Thunderbolt and figured the same with this phone though I was hoping otherwise. I wanted a phone that didn’t belong to AT&T though friends have the iphone and swear by them, I just can’t. Then Verizon also got the iphone but I was already sold on the Bionic, over the Thunderbolt too. Will just have to keep using my cheap temp. flip phone from Wal-mart a bit longer.

    512MB Ram is weak, up it!

  4. It has already been leaked that the Droid Bionic will come out June 9th. The same day the iPhone 5 will debue. Google the article.

  5. It has already been leaked that the Droid Bionic will come out June 9th. The same day the iPhone 5 will debue. Google the article.

  6. Gave my son the Thunderbolt for his birthday as his phone was discentigrating. Waiting for thr Bionic for me after comparing to thndrblt in tech forums/sites. Gotta sayafter playing with his phone, the Bionic better make me pee my pants. His phone is impressive. Patiently waiting for the Bionic, though….

  7. The above assumed specs are somewhat wrong. Leaked pics of bionic’s camera clearly read ‘1080p hd’ & since moto photon has 1gig ddr2 ram & expandable memory up to 48 gigs (as advertised on the commercial), the bionic is sure to have at least as much memory. Think about it…there’s no secret to photon’s KILLER specs so why such secrecy about bionic’s? It’s specs are most likely even better!


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