If you are a major Android fan that really craves shots of new phones that haven’t gone office just yet, pics of three unannounced devices have surfaced. The smartphones in the pics are the Motorola Targa, Droid X 2, and the Droid 3. All of the smartphones will naturally run Android. The Targa code-named device might be the more interesting of the three.

This smartphone has the camera hump on the back like the Droid X and adds in style with chrome accents. More importantly, the device supports LTE. Geeks over on HowardForums have tweaked the photos and gleaned that the camera is a 13MP unit with autofocus. No hard details are known about the device at this point.

The other two devices, the Droid X 2 and the Droid 3 don’t support LTE according to sources cited by Phone Arena. The X 2 is said to have the qHD display and a dual-core processor. The 3 has an improved keyboard design. It’s cool to see that Motorola has some things up its sleeves for the smartphone fans out there.

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