Not all of us are lucky enough to afford a Motorola DROID RAZR – two-year contracts can be so cruel. But if you’re itching for the RAZR without a pre-order or any intention of actually purchasing one on November 10th, you can slake your gadget lust with the latest DROID eye boot animation and a new selection of “DROOOOIIIIID” ringtones and alerts. The files have been posted online a week before the phone’s release.

The files come from a kind and anonymous source, and if you’re the type to get excited about a five-second boot animation, then you probably know what to do with them. If not, well, you obviously need to be rooted, then swap out the and audio file with your current one, usually in the /system/media folder (some phones vary). You might want to back up your current boot animation file just in case. The ringtones and alerts you can add in the normal way. The files should work on just about any phone, but due to the qHD display on the RAZR, smaller phone may not look as good. Man, Verizon has really nailed that HAL-9000-meets-Death-Star look over the last couple of years, haven’t they?

U.S. Verizon customers can get a hold of all 7.1mm of the DROID RAZR on the 10th, but Canadians on Rogers can get it even sooner on the 4th, in the phone’s international “Motorola RAZR” moniker. If you’d like a shot at getting a DROID RAZR free, gratis and for nothing, be sure to follow the @DroidLanding Twitter account – the latest in a long line of DROID scavenger hunts is likely to begin any day now.

Check out our hands-on of the Motorola DROID RAZR:

Motorola DROID RAZR hands-on:

[vms 9b2541ff53db39f407a9]

[device id=1739]

[via Droid-Life]



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