It looks like we are all in for another crazy round of @DroidLanding and for the new and upcoming DROID RAZR. Both have been initiated and all systems are a go. Put your tray tables in their upright and locked positions folks. We have seen this with the Bionic, the Charge and even the Droid X2 and now its the RAZR’s turn for a scavenger hunt.

I’m sure you all remember the party for the DROID Bionic and the huge augmented reality scavenger hunt that followed, we can expect something very similar for the new DROID RAZR. The same initiative for the DROID Charge had us tracking 5 devices around different cities, what do you think we’ll see with the RAZR?

Either way be sure to follow @DroidLanding on Twitter, and follow us at @Androids while you’re at it. I’d be checking that RAZR page periodically for updates too because once the party gets started things will get a little crazy up in this DROID world. We’ll be seeing a few tweets from @DroidLanding over the next few days as everything gets initiated and then the hunt will begin. I have a feeling we will be seeing some QR codes this time around, but that’s just me.

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