We may have missed Dolphin v11.4 but the newest version since the v11.3 and v11.3.4 we featured last year added with the sweetness of Lollipop, the Dolphin v11.5.0, is now ready for download. This one features support for Android Marshmallow, as well as, fixes for certain issues with AdBlock, crashing, launching, and link redirection.

This update for the Dolphin browser was first released to owners of the Nexus 9, Nexus 7, and Nexus 5 earlier this month. The early tests helped the Dolphin developers discover more issues that fortunately, they have fixed before the public release this week on Google Play Store. This means app is now ready for the latest Android 6.0-powered devices like the LG G4, HTC One A9, Nexus 5X, and Nexus 6P among others.

The earlier version of Dolphin with Android Marshmallow experienced a number of crash issues that usually resulted from launching the app itself, browsing resource and data-intensive sites, and inputting text in address bar. The AdBlock feature was not available from the Control Panel even when Add-on was enabled already. Others experienced link redirection to the default browser currently installed on the phone.

Some users of Dolphin on Android M could not tab push after login and were experiencing Dolphin Connect login failure issues. More often than not, login were not successful as indicated by the dreaded circle looping infinitely. Some shortcuts that were supposed to appear just above the keyboard disappeared too. Last but not the least, there was a weird error when disabling permissions for location or stage.

Don’t worry, all these issues we mentioned were already fixed so go ahead and try the latest version of Dolphin browser.

Download Dolphin from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Dolphin