Madfinger Games has been teasing the release of Dead Trigger 2 for quite some time now. Looking all the way back to January we saw a brief demo and mention of how it was the first Tegra 4 game. We ended up getting to spend a bit of time with a demo version of Dead Trigger 2 when it appeared on the, then called, Project SHIELD in March. And while we were not expecting the game to drop until late in 2013, it wasn’t until September when that release date was finally confirmed.

Well, that release date is today and Dead Trigger 2 should be available for download shortly. The game will be arriving as promised — free-to-play. And along with an Android release, Madfinger Games also released the game for iOS, Mac, Steam and Facebook. Platforms aside, Dead Trigger 2 is arriving as a first person zombie shooter game that many have already come to love with the original release.

The game is being described as one “where humanity is engaged in a battle against zombies for control of the Earth.” Adding in a bit more teasing, this is a game that is said to play out in real time. Marek Rabas, CEO at Madfinger Games said;

“This real time and never-ending story will be affected by the behavior of every single player,”

Otherwise, as we learned earlier, Dead Trigger 2 will be optimized for, but not limited to those with a Tegra 4 powered device. Sure, the graphics and performance may be a bit better for those with a Tegra 4 processor, however they will not be the only players killing zombies.

Our Dead Trigger 2 hands-on video can be seen below, though, we suppose those who had been waiting have already seen that video and are busy refreshing the Play Store for that download link.

[Update] Dead Trigger 2 is now live in the Play Store.