Cyanogen formed into a company recently and also announced a partnership with OPPO. The partnership news brought word of the OPPO N1 which will be available in two forms — one that can easily have CyanogenMod installed and a limited edition model that will be running it out of the box. Well, it looks like Steve Kondik is also starting work on another handset, this one with an even faster processor.

The details are still light here, however according to GSM Arena, Kondik is working on a CyanogenMod device that will be sporting a Snapdragon 8974AC processor. And to further that, it was said this will be quad-core and clock in at 2.5GHz. The catch here, aside from the details of the processor, the rest of the device (including the manufacturer) remain a mystery.

But with that in mind, that manufacturer is expected to be OPPO. The belief here comes down to a bit of speculation and Google+. You see, Steve Kondik posted an image of himself along with Koushik Dutta and Pete Lau on his Google+ page. Along with that image Kondik mentioned how they were all “discussing our [their] vision for a phone that would fuse truly amazing software with the highest quality hardware available.”

pete G+

Details on the Google+ page for Pete Lau didn’t offer much more, but did connect the two with a re-share of that same image and a mention of how he is looking forward to what is coming. Bottom line here, we are still waiting for that limited edition OPPO N1 to be released (it is coming in December), but it does appear as if there will be some additional OPPO devices running CyanogenMod in the short-term future.