Hot on the heels of news of unified builds for a number of HTC and Samsung devices, CyanogenMod is announcing that some Motorola devices will now be joining in on the fun. But even more than that, it also has some good news for present and future owners of Motorola’s latest budget smartphone.

The Moto G, Motorola’s more affordable but equally powerful option, just recently joined the ranks of CyanogenMod’s officially supported devices, starting with a nightly build carrying CyanogenMod 11. Almost immediately, the Moto G’s variants have all been swept up into a single unified build. These means that builds for those models previously identified as xt1032 and xt1034 will now be replaced by a single “falcon” build. Unfortunately, the dual-sim xt1033 variant is currently still out of the picture.

Other Motorola phones are also falling under the unification process. Builds for the Moto X as well as the Droid Maxx Dev Edition, but not the standard edition, will now both be found under the moto_msm8960dt. On the other hand, the RAZR HD, Photon Q, Atrix HD, and others like it will be lumped together under the moto_msm8960 heading. According to CyanogenMod, these devices share a common architecture, indicated by the “msm8960” code for Qualcomm‘s Snapdragon S4, and are therefore able to share the same build.

As previously mentioned, the source code for the older distinct builds are still available but CyanogenMod will be using the unified ones moving forward. Users utilizing CM Updater on their devices will automatically be migrated to the unified build when they start rolling out.

SOURCE: CyanogenMod