Moto G users now have an official CyanogenMod option available. This one is a nightly, and currently available for select Moto G models. Specifically, the folks at Cyanogen have released this nightly build for the XT1031, XT1032, and XT1034 model numbers. Basically, the single-SIM retail versions of the Moto G.

For those who may be a bit curious, remember, the nightly builds are likely to have some issues. Details from the Cyanogen website mention how the are “usually generated every 24 hours” and perhaps more important — they are “experimental” with the “newest features.” And to drive the point home, they are also described as being “unstable.”

That having been said, the ROM is available from the website using the codename of falcon. Additional details, such as how to boot into recovery mode, boost into fastboot, and other key bits of information you’ll need should you decide to move forward with an install can be found on the CyanogenMod Wiki for the Falcon.

As for our take, we would suggest only installing the nightly build on a device that you aren’t totally dependent on. In other words, this would make a good ROM to play with on a secondary device. Otherwise, while no timeline was given, there was mention of “future support” being added for the XT1033 (dual-SIM model) as well as the Google Play edition.

VIA: Google+ Moto G Community, Jhomar Soto Nuñez

SOURCE: CyanogenMod