There has been some chatter recently about Cyanogen Inc working on another device. There was talk of this device running a 2.5GHz Snapdragon 8974AC processor and there had also been some talk of this being another from OPPO. Well, while the talk of the processor has gone quiet for now, the folks at Cyanogen Inc have confirmed this is not OPPO.

Well, more specifically, details coming from their Google+ page have acknowledged the rumors and also confirmed they have a “new” hardware partner. Key word being new. They have also said they are “not quite ready to left the veils” at this time. For now we are left with a promise of more information in the “coming weeks.”


Naturally, the speculation has gone into overdrive. The comments sitting below the news on the Cyanogen Inc Google+ page are calling for a variety of manufactures including Samsung and HTC as well as ZTE, Huawei and Xiaomi. Basically, it seems to be a guessing game and at this point.

The only piece that can be confirmed — is that the ‘new’ hardware partner is not OPPO. Needless to say, we think there may still be an OPPO connection here. Looking back to some of those earlier rumors dealing with the processor, there was also talk of OPPO VP Pete Lau resigning from the company.

Lau did confirm the resignation and while he hasn’t confirmed this next bit, a scan of his Google+ page (as well as comments from +Steve Kondik) suggest he is still working with the Cyanogen Inc team. Bottom line here, this may be a case of the new hardware partner being a new company.