The Chrooma Keyboard was made available as a premium app but it was soon offered free last April 2016. It was then updated to version 3.0 after a couple of months bringing improved gestures and Google Now integration. This time, the latest version 4.0 is getting out of beta and is rolling out on the Play Store.

Officially called as the Chrooma GIF Keyboard, this updated app continues to be the fast and lightweight keyboard that doesn’t only offer convenience but also aeesthetics. It adapts to the color of the main app you are using. It becomes easier on the eyes as the colors don’t contradict and clash on the screen.

What’s good about Chrooma GIF Keyboard is its artificial intelligence (AI) that offers a more contextual prediction. It’s not just a simple word prediction. The app tries to understand what you are saying so it can suggest more relevant words or phrases. You will also experience help with numbers, emojis, and punctuation as needed.

The app isn’t called Chrooma GIF Keyboard for nothing. Feel free to send GIFs from the keyboard to express how you really feel at the moment. The app even lets you personalize font styles, keyboard size, and emoji styles.

Within the Chrooma Keyboard, you can do a GIF search too and save all the GIFs you’ve previewed. Some special futures in the app include last emoji support, colored Navbar, integrated gestures, multi-language One Hand Mode and Split layout. There’s also the Swipe/Glide typing and Night Mode among the many other special features of the Chrooma Keyboard.

Download Chrooma GIF Keyboard from the Google Play Store