If you’re looking for a 3rd party virtual keyboard that is almost as comfortable as using the Google Keyboard, Chrooma Keyboard is something that you might want to consider. The latest update to the app, version 3.0 has brought with it even more improvements in terms of gestures, text suggestions and predictions, Google Now integration, and even restoring tablet compatibility. There are even more smaller goodies that comes with the update, so you might want to consider trying it out.

When typing on our mobile keyboards, gestures can mean the world, especially for those who have chubby fingers or those who are urgently typing and re-typing something. That’s where virtual keyboards and all their various gestures come in handy. For Chrooma’s latest update, you get gestures that include text selection, swiping to top of the delete key to delete all, swiping to left on the same key to delete the word, drag on the spacebar to move the cursor, and swipe on the spacebar to enable one hand mode.

You also get Google Now integration, an adaptive mode wherein your keyboard color can match the color of the app you’re currently in and various emoji styles for those who are addicted to smileys and beyond. You also get a customizable action bar so you can put actions/items that you usually use like numbers, recent emojis, copy/paste, words, or letters.

As with most keyboard updates, you also get improvements to text suggestion and improvements, plus two new keyboard styles with key borders. You can update your Chrooma Keyboard through the Google Play Store or download it if you haven’t tried it out yet.