Does the MOTOACTV leave you feeling exhausted? Turned off by the minimal style of the WIMM One? Can’t stop laughing at the buzzword-laden I’m Watch? If you’re looking for some more conventional wearable tech, you might want to give Casio’s latest digital watches a try. TechCrunch reports that the G-Shock GB 6900 will come equiped with a low-power Bluetooth 4.0 module for connecting to your smartphone. The watch is designed to give you at-a-glance alterts for incoming calls, texts an emails, as well as automatic time syncing with the network clock on a connected smartphone.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen minimal Bluetooth functionality integrated into a conventional watch, but Casio’s G-Shock series is popular enough to make it notable. The addition of the low-power functions of Bluetooth 4.0 might make this one of the first wireless watches that you don’t have to charge on a regular basis – a definite improvement over some older, bulkier alternatives. The watch comes in three initial colors, but only wone market: you wont’ be seeing these outside of Japan any time soon.

It’s hard to be too upset about that, considering that they only work with two NEC phones at the moment. Apparently the expanded functionality requires a little extra client software on the smartphone side, and users will need a little savvy to get things started. But there’s a decent chance you’ll be able to buy these watches in non-Asian markets soon enough. Casio’s watch brand has a global presence after all, and they’re not ones to leave a market untapped.

[via Phandroid]


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