Today I have a unique and exciting bit of information for you all. WIMM Labs today has just unveiled their newest innovation and it sure looks exciting to say the least. The WIMM Wearable Platform is a new 1.4″ display that will be powered by Android and tons of “micro apps” to take advantage of the thin, sleek, powerful and unique platform. This is wearable Android ladies and gentleman, and I want one as soon as possible.

This offers not only a small form factor and color touch-screen, but portable and wearable internet connected devices running with apps from their custom app store that will enable users a wide array of wearable technology. Just imagine being able to screen your calls, emails, social updates and messages without getting out your phone all from a wearable device that is right on your bag, or strapped to your wrist like a watch. The possibilities are almost endless once users and developers start taking advantage of this.

The idea isn’t new but you can use it as a watch, a digital wallet, a heart rate monitor while at the gym or a calorie counter while on the treadmill or mountain-bike, the list really can go on and on. These modules have tons of features and here is a small list:

• Always-On Access – Dynamic activity feeds and alerts on a 1.4 inch display
• Full-Color Touch Screen – Rich visual experiences and effortless navigation
• Robust Connectivity – Connects to Internet via Wi-Fi; Bluetooth pairing
• Accelerometer and Magnetometer – Built in sensors for accurate motion tracking
• Web-based Management – Manage device and add applications through any desktop or mobile device

The 1.4″ display operates in dual-modes, either as a regular color screen like we all know or transflective backlight-free display so that it’s still readable yet will conserve battery power.

[vms 33e8286cb6400b40b386]

This is just the start here. The WIMM platform will come pre-loaded with all the core apps you’ll need as well as things like caller-ID, SMS notifications, weather updates, lost phone warnings, an entire library of custom watch user interfaces and covers, as well as things like a calender and more. This will all be controlled by the touch screen via taps, swipes and gestures. The SDK will be open and allow developers access and tools to build new and exciting “micro-apps” for the platform. OEM’s can then take this platform and build products for various area’s like medical uses, products for biking or working out, gym accessories and more.

This wearable platform will be licensed out to third-party companies and OEM’s from WIMM and they plan to have a standardized platform and size so devices, accessories and different 3rd party company products will all be interchangeable throughout the entire wearable platform.

The key point here is the “micro apps” running on Android that will be available via the Micro App Store for these devices as this is where the platform and developers can really shine and build specific applications to suit their needs. With an app market populated with some apps already in place, and the SDK being available starting in Q3 things should really be able to pick up fast. That along with WIMM being partnered with Foxconn who has given them access to over 100 of its engineers, as well as various developmental resources. Foxconn should be able to deliver not just wearable displays, but this entire platform to the masses quickly and be production ready when the time comes.

We should see more soon and the WIMM One Developer Preview Kit and SDK will be available in Q3 2011. We will have to wait and see if this will pick up traction and really take off. Check out the photos and video below for more information on this awesome and unique look on technology. Now lets hope it gets thinner quickly and I can get one for my mountain bike soon.

[vms a1ebadf06c5f4cea752c]


    • i clicked “liked” by accident so subtract 1 likes. if its a ripoff of sony ericcson liveview than liveview is a ripoff of apple’s shitty shuffle. dont start this BS between android, its a comment that degrades the blogs and androids community & innovations. we make things better & build up on previous ideas… your right. but this iphone fanboy attitude isnt for android. get out of here with that crap.

  1. and this is why apple is suing android, because they cant stand the fact that there is something out there that can actually surpass them in innovation and customer interest…this thing is 100 times better than iphones little shuffle thing. the only thing the shuffle has thats new is the colors the devices are in. but these android small portable watch things have unlimited uses from what i see, with all the sensors & bluetooth,wifi…i want this.


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