In anticipation for the release of ‘Cars 3’, Disney is promoting the movie by launching related games, apps, and products. We’ve heard of a number of Cars-themed stuff already including Lighting McQueen and Jackson Storm on Waze and the Cars 3 themes and characters being added to the Toontastic 3D app. This time, a new racing and action and adventure game has just been introduced for fans of Lightning McQueen.

‘Cars: Lightning League’ is the newest game your kid can get addicted too as it is one high-powered racing adventure starring every little boy’s favorite–Lightning McQueen.  Unfortunately, Lightning McQueen is no longer the kind of racing hero he once was. He’s a little bit old (but not rusty) but he still can be the Piston Cup champion. He just needs to train and prepare harder to race smart and fast. It’s the racing season once again and McQueen

It’s the racing season once again and McQueen will be joined by new characters like Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez. These new cars can be upgraded so they can reach their fullest speed potential while racing on new tracks featured in the upcoming Disney movie.

Lightning McQueen and other speedsters will need to complete high-speed missions. The goal is to win all challenges so you can earn more prizes, collect new cars, and go lightning fast as ever.

Download Cars: Lightning League from the Google Play Store