Waze has gotten new voice options and we’re pretty sure the kids will love them. The stars of the upcoming Disney-Pixar movie Cars 3 have lent their voices to Google’s geographical navigation app so driving will be more fun than ever. Okay, so that may only apply for those adults with children but using a different voice on Waze is always interesting.

Before the movie is shown, you may want to change the Voice Directions and Car on Waze. You can be Lightning McQueen or Jackson Storm to the delight of the kids who haven’t gone past the Cars phase. We’re certain the little ones will love this especially as #WazeWithCars3 will help them get into their favorite movie characters.

‘Cars 3’ will hit the theaters on June 16 worldwide. Prepare the kids into action by updating the Voice Directions or your Car. It’s not just Lightning McQueen this time, there’s Jackson Storm as a new hero who finally beat the long-time Piston Cup champion. (Ooops, Spoiler alert!)

To update your Car, simply go to Settings> Voice Directions> then select Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) or Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer) on your Waze app. To update Voice Directions, proceed to Settings > Voice Directions > then choose between Jackson Storm or Lightning McQueen.



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