Arriving as nice weekend update, version 1.2.0 of Carbon for Twitter has arrived in the Google Play Store. This update has brought a nice mix of new features, some changes to existing features and even some bug fixes. Or more to the point for those fixes, the Carbon team has said this update includes a “ton” of bug fixes along with some overall performance and stability enhancements.

While those are generally welcomed to see, how about we shift to the more important here — the changes and new features. Just to begin with, Carbon for Twitter now has a new widget. The widget is 4×1 with quick actions to tweet, send an image, search and even launch the app. Not to mention, the widget does have a pretty decent look.

Another big addition with this update is the in-app browser. This is a fairly standard offering in quite a few other apps, but that aside, the browser does just what you would hope — it allows you to see content without having to exit and use another app. You can get a look at the widget and the in-app browser setup in the above screenshots.

In addition to adding the in-app browser for easier viewing, it also allows for the playback of YouTube videos. Sticking on the topic of video, Vine videos can offer preview and playback in the timeline view. Some of the other changes are image related. In this case, Carbon now has a new save image option, a new image viewer screen and can also upload images to TwitPic.

Finally, remaining changes include people search, a few options for font size, some quote style options, the option to disable image/video previews in the timeline view and the ability to change the notification frequency from anywhere from 5 minutes up to 120 minutes. Aside from the Carbon for Twitter app, we have also seen recent (and notable) updates coming from the official Twitter app as well as Falcon Pro.

SOURCE: Google Play Store