Twitter for Android received a rather excellent update today, bringing a feature we’ve all been waiting for. While the update has multiple changes, the first one is most important. It’s cross device/platform sync of read messages. This means once you’ve read a direct message, it won’t be listed as unread online, on your tablet, iPad, or other smartphones.

Yes, read message alerts will now sync across all devices and all platforms. However, you’ll sadly need to be running the official Twitter app. This means Robird, Falcon Pro, and all the others won’t be able to enjoy this feature, at least not for now. The Android app was updated this afternoon, and there’s a few more changes worth taking a look at.

According to the changelog (below) they’ve made improvements to search with the Android app. You’ll now see user Avatars as you search, and we can also clear past search results from the dropdown. We like the privacy Twitter! Then while searching you’ll also have an indicator stating if there are new tweets, and even show account information like some other 3rd party clients currently offer.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 12.02.49 PM

Twitter’s token policy still has me upset that top-tier developers are abandoning their Android apps, and hopefully it will change. In the meantime, at least they’re continuing to improve their own in-house Twitter app. The read message sync appears to be working great here, what about for you guys? Let us know.

VIA: Play Store