Falcon Pro has been one of the more popular Twitter apps. While that statement by itself sounds like something to be happy about, there is another side that brings some issues not only for the developer but for those trying to continue using the app. That issue deals with tokens and the fact that Twitter has a 100,000 limit available for third-party apps.

Those who have been following Falcon Pro for sometime will likely remember the story. Basically, the app reached its limit and had to revoke the tokens a few times to clear up some that weren’t being used. That was done in an effort to try and sneak a few active users back in to play. But it seems that game came to an end and earlier in the month we saw Falcon Pro disappear from the Google Play Store.

The removal was done to prevent users from downloading the app and not being able to do anything with it. This of course brought issues for existing active users in that they would not be able to get updates or be able to download the app should they get a new device. Sure, there were some APKs floating around, but that is hardly a solid option. That being the case, Falcon Pro developer Joaquim Verges has recently made an announcement that solves that issue.

Not to mention, it gives a bit of hope for those without a Falcon Pro token. Basically, Falcon Pro is now available from the getfalcon.pro website. That site will allow users to download the most recent version of the app. At the moment that happens to be 2.0.4. And along with the 2.0.4 update comes news of some smaller improvements and fixes as well as a new mobilizer with “seamless integration of articles in the app.”

Anyway, current users with an existing token may want to grab the latest version of Falcon Pro. Otherwise, those without an active token looking to start using the app may want to look for the secret mentioned by Verges. We certainly aren’t going to offer a full spoiler here, but we would suggest looking towards the beta group that was announced a short while back.

SOURCE: Google+, GetFalcon