The Android 9 Pie is officially released. We’ve been learning what OEMs and devices are going to receive the sweet update. It’s been almost a week since the unveiling and we’re slowly hearing related news from other companies. The Android team isn’t wasting any time in pushing the Android Pie and we’re hoping more brands will follow. We already gave you a preview of the special features and improvements but we know more will be added as build updates are released.

Some notable features of the Android Pie include Slices and App Actions APIs, Adaptive Battery, Adaptive Brightness, and machine learning at the core. There’s also the new gesture navigation UI and RAM protection.

We also noted that call recording tone for future use. It should be a welcome feature but apparently, Android Pie is now blocking call recording without root.

Call recording problems aren’t exactly new. We remember that issue of disappearing Google Voice call recordingsĀ . The official call-recording API was removed for a time but was then replaced by the work of other developers.

Recording calls on Android may be a little bit challenging now as the Google decided to close off any workaround possible before. This is more noticeable on Android 9 Pie so if you plan on recording calls or using apps you previously used to do so, don’t be surprised if they will no longer work.

Those non-root call recording apps may not work now so we suggest you search for or use root-enabled apps instead.

VIA: XDA Developers