Call of Duty fanatics have been hard at “work” racking up kills in Modern Warfare 3 for a couple of months now, and Activision’s promised Android tie-in is now available in the Android Market. The Call of Duty ELITE app ties into the Activision service of the same name, allowing players to remotely access statistics and player loadouts. It’s not a stand-alone game – for that, you’d be better off trying the Modern Combat series of “inspired” Android shooters.

Players can use the ELITE app to check out their multiplayer statistics, including the ever-popular kill-to-death ratio. Perhaps more useful is the loadout editor: using the app, you can change what weapons and gear your virtual solider uses for the next time you enter the online arena. So, if you overhear your friend talking about how good he’s getting with his fancy new shotgun, it might be a good idea to swap out yours for a mid-range rifle before you face each other on the opposite side of a map.

You’ll need to subscribe to the Call of Duty: ELITE service before using the app, and have players in a t least a few recent multiplayer battles. At $49.99 a year for console players (the PC version isn’t out yet) it’s an expensive proposition, so the service and the app is only for the most dedicated of cowadooty Call of Duty players. Initial reviews in the Android Market are not positive, citing a poor UI and buggy experience. Here’s hoping that these can be improved for Activision’s customers.

[via Joystiq]