I know HTC and the bootloader issue has been in the news off and on as of late, but it seems lately they have been answering more tweets and Facebook posts regarding the issue. Just this morning we noticed three responses all regarding bootloaders in a row on Twitter, and even a few on Facebook as well. At least HTC is actually updating the public and giving us hope that this change is coming soon.

When the Sensation 4G launched HTC gave us a few remarks and occasionally we see a little comment here and there but it looks like things are coming along over at HTC because the last few replies I’ve seen look promising. Here are a few of the comments today:

We’re sticking by our decision to provide a way for people to unlock their bootloaders. We greatly appreciate your patience.

We are diligently working to ensure that we do this right. When everything is finalized, we will make an announcement on Facebook. Thanks for your patience.

That top reply in the photo above I especially like because they mention, “Stay tuned for more info”. I’m just hoping we don’t have to stay tuned for long and that they will be able to release this unlock update sometime early summer. My guess would be sometime in July but you never know as these sorts of things take time. Once they give a little the dev community will be in a mad dash with it so get ready for the craziness.

[via @HTC]