Bose noise-masking sleepbuds 6

This is the first time but Bose went the crowdfunding route to launch a new pair of earbuds. The Bose Noise-masking Sleepbuds have just been listed on Indiegogo for funding. Bose usually rolls out new products ready for purchase or pre-order but for the Sleepbuds, the company is still trying to raise funds to bring the accessory into actual and final production.

It was only last month when the brand introduced the QuietComfort 35 II with Google Assistant, a month after being leaked. Bose has been a name trusted by audiophiles. This time, a pair is being introduced to help you and me sleep. Yes, that’s true. A pair of noise-masking sleepbuds is being developed by Bose to help people fall asleep after a long day at work or school. Fund goal is only $50,000 but donation has gone more than 860%. Over $430K have been raised with 25 days left until deadline.

Making the Bose Noise-masking Sleepbuds more interesting is the fact that it’s designed for sleeping. Usually, earbuds or headphones are made with noise-canceling technology so you can tune out the outside noise while listening to your favorite songs or podcast. This pair of noise-masking is designed to help the user sleep better by masking the noise outside and playing soothing sounds. This is great especially if you live in a busy neighborhood in the city. If you have a noisy roommate, you can also use a pair so you won’t hear him or her snore.

SOURCE: Indiegogo



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