If ever this leak is true, then the rumored upcoming Bose QuietComfort 35 II may very well be the first wireless headphones to have Google Assistant already baked in. There are apparently product pictures showing off the device, ahead of the Google phone event next month. It is expected that not only new phones will be introduced at the event, but probably accessories that will show off the virtual voice assistant. This means that the Google Assistant may also be getting an upgrade or at least a major update.

Leaks about the QuietComfort 35 II came out first with 9to5 Google saying that the documentation which they have acquired from sources show that there will be Google Assistant integration. And now, to further prove this true, a Redditor showed a leaked retail box which also confirms the presence of the virtual personal assistant in the headphones. The box supposedly was seen on an “unspecified” retail app and the redditor was able to screenshot two images. Even though they’re a bit low-res, we can still spot a few details.

Since it is also based on the original QuietComfort 35 model, we can assume that it has noise cancellation and that it will obviously have a microphone. It will also have an over-ear design which is the same as the original headphones model. The box also shows that it is compatible with both Android and Apple devices but no confirmation if Siri will also be involved.

We don’t know when the official announcement will be but if the leaks are true, then we can expect that it will probably be sometime soon.

VIA: SlashGear


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