The BlueStacks app player for Windows was released in beta form a little more than a year earlier. The software launched in beta towards the end of March 2012 and as of today it looks like the company is celebrating a new milestone. It seems they have crossed the 10 million download mark.

For those keeping track, the BlueStacks app player wasn’t released for the Mac until December 2012. Putting the Mac release to the side, it looks like the 10 million download mark has surpassed the expectations of everyone from the company. In fact, the BlueStacks employee with the closest guess was still off by roughly 9 million.

BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma said the employees all took bets on where they would be after the first year. According to Sharma, the employee that was the closest had guessed a few hundred thousand. In addition to sharing the milestone number, BlueStacks is also working to get a new version of Android up and running.

There hasn’t been any specific release dates revealed just yet, however a Jelly Bean version is expected to arrive in the not-to-distant future. Otherwise, the other side of the 10 million download milestone is the amount of active users. Sadly the company didn’t share this number. Instead, the senior VP of marketing did refer to that number as being “spooky high.” That said, anyone here a BlueStacks user?

[via AllThingsD]


  1. Just decided to try it again. I downloaded it initially around when it first came out in 2012? But the experience was not what I was hoping for so I uninstalled it.

    Recently decided to give it another go and it works great for the games I am wanting to play on it.

    A few things are missing that lessens the experience for me versus an actual android device:

    1. No customization for home screens. I know this isn’t what the app is for but having the interface closer to android and allowing us to run animated back grounds and launchers would really have me impressed.

    2. Downloading apps is a bit confusing to me and it should be more inline with having the Google Play Store/ Amazon App Store interfaces come up instead of implementing it’s own.

    Other than that I’d give it 4 out of 5 over all.

    Cannot wait for some Jelly Bean love with this!!


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