BlackBerry KEY2 LE Verizon

No new smartphone is being announced by BlackBerry but the KEY2 LE will be ready from Verizon this first quarter in the United States. The device will be available for Verizon Enterprise and Small Business consumers, complete with 4GB of RAM, 64GB onboard storage, Dual SIM support, and the Google Assistant. Making the BlackBerry KEY2 LE more convenient to use is the Speed Key to launch and control personalized functions and mobile experiences. Specifically, the Slate model of the BlackBerry KEY2 LE will be sold by the Big Red.

Those customers under Verizon Enterprise and Business can take advantage of BlackBerry’s latest flagship phone. It’s not a premium offering but it offers business solutions and tools for work productivity and everyday activity.

BlackBerry KEY2 is being added to the carrier’s lineup of top smartphones for the business customers where they can use the fast 4G LTE network. The KEY2 LE phone is ideal for people looking for an affordable but reliable business phone.

The BlackBerry team partnered with Verizon to bring the BlackBerry experience to more people in the form of a “modern smartphone built for productivity, reliability, and security”.

To review the BlackBerry KEY2 LE, the phone comes with a physical QWERTY keyboard, Speed Key, and other special features such as the Locker as your personal space, Mozilla’s Firefox Focus web browser, DTEK app for scanning and security, and the promise of Android security updates every month.

SOURCE: BlackBerry