BBM for Android has just been updated a few weeks ago with a new discover screen and free video calls. The BBM video calls feature has been made available in the Asia Pacific, Africa, and Europe only last quarter after the US and Canada. With BBM, BlackBerry is hopeful that BlackBerry mobile users will utilize the service more.

BBM isn’t all about video calls. It first started as a simple messaging platform between BlackBerry phones and now it has video chats so more people can easily communicate across mobile platforms and devices. There’s also the group chat and Groups that can be used for catching up on each other, strengthening relationships, and work. The goal is to do many things–communicate, collaborate, coordinate, and more.

In case you didn’t notice, there’s the Group Chat feature inside. It’s been there inside the app but haven’t been given focus the past updates. A new update was recently released and with it comes an improved group chat where a maximum of 250 people can participate. Everyone is free to share messages, stickers, voice notes, pictures, and Glympse location. It’s similar to many instant messaging apps available. To start a group chat, open one, add multiple contacts, then click on ‘Start Group Chat’.

With BBM Groups, you are free to schedule, organize, and assign tasks. Unlike the other group chat section, you can only accommodate up to 50 people. Feel free to make lists, separate chat threads, and use a shared calendar. This feature is ideal for planning events, coordinating teams, making calendar events, and organizing projects. You can also upload photos to share with the group.

SOURCE: BlackBerry