To say that the soon to be announced Moto 360, the first round face smartwatch in the market, is highly anticipated is like saying that a full moon is, well, round. Those who are waiting to purchase their very first wearable are holding out for the official launch, expected to be this September 4th at the Motorola event. But the main concern right now is if this smartwatch running on Android Wear will cost an arm and a leg. Best Buy might have inadvertently jumped the gun as a product page on their mobile site showed the retail price of the Moto 360.

As expected based on the previous leaks and also on the price of the current Android Wear devices in the market, the page lists the price at $249.99. It’s a little more expensive than the LG G Watch (SRP $229) and the Samsung Gear Live ($199) but that is not surprising since the hype, not just on the shape of the Moto 360 but on its functionalities as well, has been leading to the fact that it will be more expensive. It can also be considered competitive to the price of the Pebble Steel (which is compatible with other smartphone platforms) which has less functionality.

The listing at Best Buy’s site also confirms some previously leaked info about the smartwatch. It says that the Moto 360 is indeed waterproof and can survive being submerged in 3.3′ water for up to 30 minutes. It also has an optical heart-rate sensor and a pedometer, must-haves for fitness enthusiasts with a penchant for wearable devices. The page also shows the unique charging dock that was leaked a few days ago.

The Moto 360 is expected to be announced on September 4th, together with another anticipated Motorola device, the Moto X+1. If the leaks and rumours are indeed true and they meet people’s expectations, then these products from the OEM might just challenge market leaders Apple and Samsung even more.

VIA: SlashGear