Samsung is expected to make several device announcements during Mobile World Congress. There has been talk of smartphones and wearables, one of which is the next-generation Galaxy Gear smartwatch. At this time the details for the watch remain on the lighter side. But while there hasn’t been any firm confirmation from Samsung just yet, a new Best Buy Daily Deal does have us wondering.

This could simply be a case of Best Buy wanting to clear some inventory, and feeling that a drop in price would help achieve the desired results. As for the rumor and speculation side, this could also be a case of Best Buy knowing a new Galaxy Gear is coming. We cannot say with any certainty which way is correct, but we can pass on news about the current daily deal.

Basically, Best Buy has the Samsung Galaxy Gear selling at a deep discount. Depending on the color you choose, the savings could be as great as 50 percent. The orange, white, gold, and lime green colors all have that 50 percent discount — which means you can pick one up for $149.99. The jet black and dark gray are selling at a $50 discount, which means a price point of $249.99.

Obviously the orange, white, gold, or lime green would be the best colors to choose. But regardless of the exterior color, and regardless of the price — the features of the watch remain the same. The Galaxy Gear sports a 1.6-inch color display, a pair of built-in noise canceling microphones, speaker, Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity, a built-in pedometer, and a 1.9 megapixel camera.

With that in mind, it seems $150 is a sort of magical price point for smartwatches. It also happens to be the price many have been wishing the Galaxy Gear first arrived with. Those considering a purchase may benefit from some of our earlier coverage which included an initial hands-on, as well as a some additional coverage that was baked into our Galaxy Note 3 review.

[Update] Adding a bit of fuel to the speculation of a Galaxy Gear 2 coming during Mobile World Congress — there is news of another price drop. This latest has been announced by AT&T, though, it isn’t quite as attractive as the Best Buy offer.

AT&T is offering the Galaxy Gear at a $100 discount if you purchase a Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Active or Galaxy Mega. While this is ‘only’ a $100 discount, and does involve a smartphone purchase, AT&T also appears to be taking care of those who have already bought the phone.

VIA: smartwatch fans