In the States, we had expected to see the Galaxy Nexus before December 8 originally and then a leak from Verizon tipped the December 8 launch date. December 8 will be a shared launch date with Bell Canada too. Bell has announced that its official launch date for the Galaxy Nexus smartphone is December 8.

At this point, we are all familiar with the Galaxy Nexus. We have been playing with some review units for a while now and recently offered up benchmarks for the device. The phone turned in some strong, if not overly impressive stats in our tests. The phone is on par in many aspects with the Galaxy S II. Bell will offer the smartphone with several different contracts.

A 3-year contract will offer the phone for $159.95 in Canada. The price jumps massively if you want to shave a year off that contract to $599.95. A one-year contract is $624.95 for the smartphone and a no contract price is set at $649.95.