The rumored Galaxy Nexus launch on Verizon has obviously slipped its November 17th deadline, and things aren’t looking too good for the 21st, either. Reports out of Droid-Life and Twitter user “Tech FanatiX” indicate that the new date might be… ugh… December 8th. DL is showing some sort of internal VErizon database, whereas Tech FanatiX appears to have an employee email or bulletin.

We’ve seen so many conflicting reports about the Galaxy Nexus’ Verizon launch that we’ve stopped sending out every little bit of hearsay. The new dates seem likely, since Verizon doesn’t seem very interested at all in promoting the phone at the moment – they’d probably prefer you to buy a branded DROID RAZR or HTC Rezound instead. That’s small comfort to US citizens who’ve been waiting a month for the “November” release date. So far the only official word out of Verizon has been the sign up page, which didn’t even have a photo of the device.

So, another three weeks to wait for the latest version of Android in Google’s home country. Thanks a lot, Verizon – it’s beginning to become apparent why they didn’t have any Nexus phones before now. Settle in folks: unless you’d like to import an international version of the Galaxy Nexus for use on T-Mobile or AT&T, it looks like you’re stuck for the moment.

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  1. This article has been spreading like wild fire, almost all sites and blogs that are following the Samsung Galaxy Nexus have reported this already, and, none have disputed the “leak.” The image that all of the articles are based upon is not very convincing. 

    People have argued, “to avoid being caught ‘photographing’ the email, said employee, emailed themselves a screen shot of the email.” If that is the case, why not just upload the original full document screen shot for us all to see? It would have been much more authentic to see a screen shot of the entire email.

    The email itself is also another point of contention, the layout (formatting) is  inconsistent in what we do see. First, if you notice the information update for the iPhone 4s in this picture, it has a nice little header that labels the section to come as “Device Update.” Secondly, why would the launch information of a highly anticipated device such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus not receive the same type of header? Here we just see a date before the launch details. The formatting is inconsistent at best, especially for a multi-billion dollar company.
    The device in the email is also labeled differently that what it is officially named.

    This looks more like a screen shot of a quickly typed up word document, a hoax if you will. 

    Just wait until Verizon gives the public release date so all this speculation will end.

    • Wow, really?  To avoid being caught photographing the email?  I want this new technology that captures whatever is reflecting on my computer screen at that time when I do a screen shot.  This is a photograph of a computer screen.  As far as formatting goes, you don’t see what is above the listing for the Galaxy Nexus, so there might be another phone getting released and listed under the “Device releases” category just like the “Device updates” category.  I’m not saying that this is legitimate, I am just pointing out that everything you said to prove it is fubar is wrong.  I actually still think that the Galaxy Nexus will be released on Black Friday with big sales happening that weekend through Cyber Monday, or perhaps a cliche release on Cyber Monday, but I have nothing to back any of this up.  Just a hunch.

      • I gave up on the prime a long time ago. Quad core phones are right around the corner and its going to be at least a year before they get topped. The prime lacks a MicroSD card too, which is bs. With this three month plus delay and quad cores being released in February of 2012, I am not wasting my last early upgrade on the prime. The next device I get has to last two years and a duel core won’t cut it this late in the game.

  2. Looks like any random person at his MacBook pro (pay attention to the reflection)…anybody could have created the we page we’re looking at.

  3. I can say with 100% certainty that the email from the “screenshot” above is in no way associated with or distributed by Verizon. All I will say is that I have access to actual Verizon memos and this is not one of them. 

    After all the hush-hush going on at Verizon, does anyone actually believe that corporate will send out an email to thousands of managers/employees that has the release date in it, 3 weeks ahead of the date? They will wait until the day before the device enters its pre-sale stage. 

    Corporate will release the device when they deem appropriate. As of now, in my opinion, corporate has not set an official date. Nonetheless, it is still very plausible that the device will release next week. All of the products are in the stores, and most employees have been through the basic training courses. When they decide to release it a LEGIT email will be sent out to managers, most likely the day before pre-sale. 

  4. There seems to be a lot wrong with that “screenshot”. From what I can tell, the browser is showing that Gmail is the active tab yet there is no sign of Gmail anywhere in the web page. There’s no mailbox list on the left, no buttons on the top, nothing resembling Gmail whatsoever. Also, at least get the name right. Samsung Nexus? I’m sure Verizon is smart enought to at least refer to the product by the correct name which would be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. And as a previous post had said, why would they bother training the employees over a month before the release and why bother sending out this email so early? What about the official advertisement posters that got sent to stores? Those don’t just show up almost a month early just to sit around and get damaged. Those usually arive at stores no more than a few days prior to launch to avoid having them get lost and have to send out replacements before it’s even used. And also, if this was an “official” date, why only tell the employees and not bother to send out updates to people who requested more information on the device either through the verizon site or the google site? Seems like there’s just too much wrong with this. I’m hoping for a Monday 11/21 release and although December 8 is entirely possible, this article just seems wrong in general. 

    • Perhaps it is a picture that was attached to an email.  Also, I’m not sure that all Verizon employees have been trained up or informed of the release date because 2 people I asked at the VZW store in Knoxville had no idea what a Galaxy Nexus was the other day.  On another note, I am semi-doubtful of a post-November release due to things that have been said by high profile personnel from Samsung and Google both on Fox News and On The Verge, so I doubt that it will be December 8th before we see the Nexus on the market for VZW.  

  5. I’m guessing that there are a lot of upset people at Verizon these days.  The published specs for the phone now read 16GB storage and the release keeps getting pushed out.  Maybe there’s a bug related to storage.  Maybe its a question of chip availability.  In any case it’s Verizon getting the black eye and they just may be the innocent party.  Unfortunately, I’m sure of one thing.  Cooler heads will not prevail.

  6. I dont know how authentic this email is but i wouldnt be surprise about that release date. Regardless,  until we hear from verizon  regarding a launch date i doubt this phone will b release. i work with IT in a medical center in NYC…we’re working closely with verizon right now. I had a chat with a corporate head and he told me that verizon had initially planned to release the phone early november and they would have loved to release it before black friday…the problem is they are having software issues with the phone and its taking longer than expected to fix!

  7. To whom ever think that this phone might be release on the 21st, im sorry to say but keep dreaming…the odds of that happening is very unlikely, black friday is also not looking too good 🙁

  8. Fer’ crying out loud people, it’s just a friggin phone, when it’s released, it’s released (and the next “better” one will be just around the corner anyway)

    • Ah…but for some of us, we’ve done that wait for over 2 years now.  I’d consider the Razr or Bionic, but I don’t want the Moto rubbish and I would like the experience Samsung’s offering with this phone.  (No customizations, minimal branding, etc.- just like my A855 Droid that this or something like it would be replacing…)


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