BBM for Android has yet to arrive. The rumors persist and BlackBerry has previously confirmed that it would be available sometime this summer. The key is to when that arrival will actually happen though. Earlier rumors pointed towards a June 27th launch. That date was tweeted and then deleted by T-Mobile UK. In the meantime, the folks at Blackberry have maintained that summer release.

Anyway, while they have still yet to offer a specific date, or for that matter, a specific month there has been a bit of clarification in terms of a summer arrival. This latest comes by way of Sunil Lalvani, the managing director at BlackBerry India. It seems Lalvani was asked about BBM for Android during a recent BlackBerry Q5 announcement event.

During that event he confirmed that BBM is “coming to Android this summer.” So far that is the same as what we had been hearing, however here is where the small clarification comes in. When pushed a bit further Lalvani said they are referring to “summer as per North America, where it remains till September.”

Simply put, BBM for Android will be available sometime before the official end of summer. Putting that with a date and we realize that BBM for Android may not be arriving until September 21st. Bottom line here, given it is currently July 17th, that means we have a window of just about two full months during which BBM for Android could arrive in the Play Store.

VIA: GSM Arena