The popular Blackberry Messenger, known as BBM, is coming soon to Android. We’re not sure why this app is continuing to get so much attention, and whether you want it or not the app is coming soon. BlackBerry recently confirmed it will become available on the Samsung App Store, but we still don’t have a release date. However, if you’re waiting for it, don’t download the fakes from the Google Play Store.

A few months back after hearing a potential release date for BBM, a fake or two appeared on the Play Store and received thousands of downloads. I don’t know about you, but I’m ok without getting some malware junk app on my phone that isn’t the real deal.

We know BBM is currently in the beta testing stages, but this fake that appeared this weekend isn’t legit, and you should probably skip it. Right in the description it mentions in-app downloads and installs appearing in the notification bar, and other weird stuff you probably shouldn’t be doing. So yes, this fake isn’t worth the risk.

The developer states it is a real and working app, but why risk it when there’s viable alternatives likes WhatsApp or Google Hangouts, not to mention the real BBM for Android (by BlackBerry themselves) is coming soon. So this is basically a PSA that you shouldn’t download the fake that is in the Play Store, as it will probably be removed soon enough.

Who’s truly interested in BBM for Android? I’m not.

VIA: AndroidAuthority


  1. I would love to try it out even if it’s fake until they come up with the better one , probably you should try bbm then you would know the amount of FUN associated with it .

  2. The best messaging app of all. Blackberry could be dying as a hardware company, but I think BBM has the potential of being the most popular worldwide again.

  3. Well I have tried all what’s app, Kik, viber but seriously BBM is just sumthing else.. U can see recent updates of ur contacts their new display pictures their statuses and best thing u don’t have to open smileys Window to select one..

  4. Can’t wait to get my hands on it – most of my family are BB users, I’m the only Android user. They all say they feel so disconnected from me now that I’m not on BBM with them. Must get it back ASAP.

  5. You can’t understand why BBM is getting so much attention?! Maybe because its the best IM app out there? I switched to an Android phone last year and I can’t tell you how much I miss BBM. All the other chat apps are crap from what I’ve tried so far.


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