BBM was updated last August, becoming a perfect tool for collaboration and communication. It was also improved earlier with a new discover screen and free video calls after some time of beta testing in the Asia Pacific region. Now, the instant messaging app from BlackBerry brings new features that are really useful.

With the update, sharing of photos to Feeds and videos via channel posts are now allowed. There’s also the new BBM Game Center, BBM Pulsa/PLN, and BBM Voucher in Discover menu, at least for those in Indonesia. Meanwhile, there’s a special feature for Nigeria –the Airtime Nigeria in Discover menu.

Photo sharing to feeds is now enabled. It’s convenient as you can upload directly to share. You can also take advantage of being a BBM Channel owner by so you can upload videos.

BBM Game Center will go live in Indonesia starting November 1 with a lot of free-to-play games. The BBM Pulsa/PLN in Discover menu feature has been available since early this month. Also included is the Voucher service so developers and players can purchase and redeem vouchers.

Some other improvements are focused on user experience. Contacts will now be shown in a list layout by default. You can also take a photo and of QR code of barcode if you need to.