Blackberry finally launched BBM for Android yesterday, though that didn’t mean everyone was able to begin chatting immediately. Perhaps in an effort to scale the launch, BlackBerry has released the BBM app, but has users sitting in a waiting list for an invitation to actually begin using it. The reason for a controlled launch makes sense, however we also understand that people are not always keen on waiting.

That being said, the folks at CNET have discovered a simple workaround that should mean instant access — should you still want your BBM PIN. The process is actually pretty simple, download and install BBM from the Google Play Store. From here enter your email address, click Next and then force-close the app.

On Android that means heading to Settings -> Apps -> BBM and clicking Force Close. Once done with this part, relaunch BBM and you should get the required PIN assigned to you. Now for the catch, BlackBerry could catch on and close this loophole. And in addition, we have seen some mixed reports in terms of success.

Tricks aside, we should also point out that BlackBerry has begun sending out invites already. We first registered a personal email address yesterday morning after installing the app from the Play Store. Since then, an invite has shown up for that address — with a catch. We discovered that email in our spam folder. Or in other words, if you registered for BBM using a Gmail account you may want to be looking in your inbox and spam folder, just in case.